Crooked Cafe at Crookes

crooked-cafeMy second lunch date of the week didn’t involve children or animals. My friend and I found ourselves in the Crooked Café on Crookes having chosen on the basis of which eatery was busy enough that we could hang out and chat without feeling overheard. So I didn’t really look at what food was on offer before we went in.

As it turned out the menu wasn’t hugely inspiring but did offer a reasonable veggie choice in a basic sort of way: beans or egg on toast, cheese for your sandwiches or baked potato, that kind of thing. If you like them you could have mushrooms on toast.

They did offer veggie sausages as alternative in their all day breakfast or hot sandwiches and I liked the fact that they specified the type on offer and that their eggs are organic free-range. I’m always tempted by a veggie breakfast but managed to rein myself in to just having a veggie sausage and egg sandwich as it was Friday and I was holding out for a Saturday fry-up the next day.

On the question of veggie sausages can I just say that although I’m very thankful to Linda McCartney for everything she did to put veggie alternatives into the regular menu her standard sausages are not my favourite. The red onion and rosemary ones are better on texture and flavour I think. I always wonder why Linda’s are so often used by cafés? Is it a question of price or just that they’re the best known by non-vegetarians?

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