Down on the farm

I met my friend and her son for lunch at Heeley City Farm this week. Lucky me. Ethical lunch with entertainment and especially good just now for those of us who like piglets. To look at, not to eat of course!  I’m a big fan of piglets so was happy to hang over the wall admiring the new litter as they frolicked about. They were scampering around in a very charming way.

My frienpigletsd and I were amused to find ourselves discussing which were our favourite farmyard animals while her young son happily ignored us and got on with riding his balance bike. For the record she prefers goats, and we did also engage with other more serious topics of conversation too.

Lunch was good. The farm café has an entirely vegetarian menu, including lots of vegan choice, and is very reasonably priced. The total for the three of us, including a shared white chocolate and lemon shortbread for pudding, came to under £10. I had home-made leek, potato & tarragon soup which was properly thick and warming on a slightly dreary November day. The bread-cake was fairly standard but the shortbread made up for that.

I hadn’t been to farm for years but I’ll definitely go again before too long. This is a nice low-key vegetarian café with changing menu choices. And so cheap! I’m going to make sure I’m more hungry next time.

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