Fancy dress in the Wardrobe

I was in Leeds for my friend’s choir concert: Gay Abandon at the Leeds College of Music. It was fab but to get there I’d had to drive at the time that I might have had tea so we repaired across the road afterwards for something to eat.

Wardrobe bills itself as Bar Kitchen Venue and this was Saturday night so it was functioning on all levels. A funk band getting ready to play, plenty of quaffing going down, food available and extensive collage on the walls. Since it was the Saturday before Hallowe’en there were some interesting costumes about the place too.

Once we’d worked out that we could use my phone flashlight app to read the menu (the lighting was a bit more ‘venue’ than ‘kitchen’) I found four veggie options on offer. Two each of cheese/no cheese but hooray, hurrah, no domination by mushrooms, spinach or goat’s cheese. My friend had the chick pea dahl (listed under salads for some reason) which had scallops on but without those it appeared to be completely veggie so could have been a fifth choice.

But I didn’t check because it was a Saturday night out and I wanted a burger and fries. The ‘No Bull Burger’ is a five bean, sweet potato and leek version with a tortilla crust. It’s a gripe with me when the veggie burger doesn’t involve any protein so the beans were the saving grace in this one.

I requested no butter on the bread and no tomato in the salad. It’s an auto-response for me to check about no butter on the bread but I don’t know why I do for burgers because I rarely eat the bread anyway. I always want the chips more.


This was a nicely spiced patty, good and tasty and the crust gave it a bit of crunch. It was satisfying without being overly stodgy. The skinny fries to go with it came in a cute enamel mug – my friend said I should particularly mention that, she really liked it! It was pretty filling even without the brioche bun (which looked nice but I left it to avoid overload). They’d forgotten to leave the tomato out (or maybe the waitress just didn’t hear, it was pretty noisy in there) but that’s a minor matter.



We left before the band started so I can’t report on that but the food was good and I’d happily eat there again.

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