Fanoush – fabulous falafels

Fanoush are my absolutely favourite falafel takeaway. They’re a small Sheffield chain of three shops – on Pinstone Street, Broomhill crossroads and London Road – and they make the most delicious falafel wraps.

The first time I went in and the smiley man behind the counter said to me “What kind of hummus would you like?” I thought “A choice of hummus? This is my kind of place!” I’ve been a fan ever since.

I like the fact that it’s a simple product but that means I can have a choice about EVERYTHING. And it’s all delicious. And quite healthy. And vegetarian. Mostly vegan in fact. And not very expensive. It’s all good I tell you, it’s all good.

My standard order is a small falafel and aubergine wrap (because I don’t like halloumi or feta cheese and who would choose cauliflower when they could have aubergine?). The wraps are warmed flatbreads and the falafel are crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle. And delicious, did I mention they’re delicious? The fried aubergine is nicely brown, soft but not too oily, and very tasty too.

Falafel and aubergine turns out to be a perfect flavour/texture combo.

Then I get to choose what kind of hummus (plain, sun-dried tomato, coriander or sweet chilli) and a from a massive range of fresh and crunchy salad, including fancy bits like olives and jalapeños. Finally, there are sauces: tahini, chilli, yoghurt or tomato. I usually have tahini, but just a little because of a leakage problem I had once when I was wearing a black coat.

This comes out just the right size for lunch for me – afterwards I’m sustained but not overfull.

Clearly the order process fulfils my control-freakery tendencies but rest assured it’s surprisingly quick. Healthy reasonably-priced fast food; living the dream.

Invariably I munch up my custom-made wrap feeling very satisfied on oh so many levels.


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