Am I fussy? I’m definitely a vegetarian. I’ve never eaten meat or fish, and I’ve got vegan tendencies so don’t like a lot of dairy. It’s true there are quite a few things I really don’t like to eat – mushrooms, spinach, goat’s cheese for example – and the trouble is they do tend to feature large in the veggie options on the menu.

[I wanted to go on a tacky tourist dinner-and-dance river cruise but when I checked the menu the veggie option was Mushroom, spinach and goat’s cheese cannelloni. Full house! No cruise for me.]

When I was a child I was called fussy a lot. But then I left home and discovered that there was a lot more food that I did like, and perhaps I just didn’t get on so well with my mother’s cooking. She was a great cook but not for me – too rich and creamy, not enough crunch.

I love to cook and because of that I love eating out. It’s such an easy treat. But not such a pleasure for me if there’s no real choice for vegetarians.

So I’ve decided to embrace my fussiness and reflect on the choices I find.