Lunch on the run

I had a series of meetings in different places and had to get myself some lunch on the run. As it turned out the most convenient supermarket was Waitrose. Uh-oh. It’s going to be a posh one.

There was a time when my house had a Waitrose as its nearest shop. Like as in, if you wanted to pop out for a pint of milk then it was Waitrose it was quickest to go to. Lovely for a while but then, since I didn’t want to re-mortgage the house, I had to start walking further to spend less. That was before they started their essentials range of things like petit pois and profiteroles. Bless them, they’re trying to help us.

Of course it isn’t the prices of normal stuff that’s really the problem in Waitrose, it’s all the very lovely foodstuffs available that you don’t find in other supermarkets. So I was quite excited about my lunch, and they didn’t let me down.

I needed to be quick so went straight for the lunch to go display near the door. There was a huge selection of sandwiches, many of which were probably vegetarian, but one of my food foibles is not eating butter or margarine. No good reason for this, it’s just that smearing solidified fat onto bread, truly, it makes me feel sick. As a general rule this aversion means I can’t eat pre-made sandwiches. This used to be a significant problem but in recent years things have improved no end.

Indeed I only needed to look just below the sandwiches to find food-to-go packs of sushi. The range they were selling were Taiko Sushi which helpfully have green coloured labels to distinguish the vegetarian packs. This fact alone meant I warmed to them straight away. Then when I discovered I could have Quinoa and Black Rice Vegetable Sushi I was over the moon. How very Waitrose!

It didn’t look quite enough for lunch though but the Vegetable Sushi pack with 33% extra free soon sorted that problem. Both packs included soya sauce, pickled ginger and wasabi, and were delicious. And the total cost was only just over a fiver which I thought was ok for a tasty, healthy and satisfying take-away lunch.

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