M&S Simply Food, simply smashing!



No bones about it, I love M&S Simply Food. That company has done more to improve my eating life than any other fooderie. And I’m sure the same must be true for a lot of vegetarians-who-travel. The range of interesting vegetarian, and indeed vegan, options they provide is stunning.

On this occasion I was at Birmingham New Street station – Grand Central as it seems to be called now – feeling slightly awed by the shiny new set up, and slightly confused as to where I was supposed to go to catch my train. Having worked that out I decided I did need a snack to see me home and looked around, certain there’d be an M&S somewhere in the vicinity. Of course there was. Happy me.

My only concern was lack of time and the big queue at the check-outs. But safe in my comfort blanket of previous experience I found my way to the salad selection to make a quick decision.

Now, the list of salady things I don’t eat is quite long – mushrooms, spinach, uncooked cheese, raw tomatoes, mayonnaise, and I’m not mad keen on celery – and they do a full range of chicken or prawn options for them that wants ‘em. Yet they still manage to give me multiple choices. Why can’t everywhere be more like M&S Simply Food?

On this occasion I went for a Supergreen Salad (which contains edamame soybeans, apples, sugar snap peas & coriander with an apple, soy and ginger dressing) which I’ve had before and know to be sharp, crisp and delicious. Also it was right there next to my hand.

I joined the back of the still long queue but soon enough was paying and heading out to the platform with minutes to spare. No nasty self-serve check-outs either, just nice polite actual humans.

Simply Food, simply smashing.

(Slightly fuzzy photo due to train wobble, sorry!)

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