Priory Rooms – top lunch (and lunch)

I went to an all-day meeting at the Priory Rooms in Birmingham and we were provided with a very nice hot lunch. In fact there were a few sandwiches and crisps thrown in for good measure but the main event was vegetable lasagne, smoked garlic bread and a panache of green vegetables. A panache – fancy!

It was all very nice (i.e. no mushrooms, spinach or goats cheese!) and I really appreciated that we were all eating vegetarian food. Call me extreme but when you’re catering for a single meal in someone’s day couldn’t it just always be vegetarian? Is it such a loss to not have meat for one meal?

But the truly excellent thing was that they provided cardboard take-away boxes and actively encouraged us to take away any leftovers in them. This is part of their environmental commitment and helps prevent food waste. Top idea I said, and I said it again when I ate lasagne and a panache of green vegetables for lunch again the day after!

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