Small town chips

I went to visit my friend in Spalding and she said ‘Let’s have chips for lunch.’ There’s a happy sentence if ever I heard one. I love chips.

We duly went to Sheddy’s for lunch – serving chips to Spalding since before time began – to the upstairs café. The place smelled a bit meaty but the menu included a choice of two vegetarian platters which is not bad for a fish restaurant so it seemed ok. I asked for the lasagne and salad (no tomatoes please).

All fine so far but the menu didn’t make it clear so I checked if it came with chips. “It can come with chips,” the waitress said, “but are you actually a vegetarian? Because they’re cooked in beef dripping.” No chips for me then.

Of course my poor friend was rather mortified by this turn of events but I was fairly philosophical for a number of reasons:

  1. I wasn’t too hungry (philosophy requires blood sugar)
  2. It wasn’t much of a surprise
  3. It’s pretty good going for them to have a choice of veggie options
  4. It’s even better going for them check about the dripping thing at all
  5. I quite like lasagne and salad

In the event it wasn’t the best lasagne I’d ever had and I couldn’t manage even half of the mountain of iceberg that constituted the salad but it was sweet that they replaced the tomato with apple.sheddys-food

Clearly small town fish restaurants aren’t really the best place for a fussy vegetarian to have lunch.

(By the by, I liked Spalding quite a lot more than I expected to. It’s a nice market town with a river and Georgian buildings and it was market day so it felt busy and thriving. Also it was sunny and it was nice to see my friend. A happy day.)

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